The Hardest Puzzle of My Life

When the Surrogate Court wouldn't unseal my adoption, I had to do it the hard way... one clue at a time..

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Discovering My Immigrant Ancestors

When you find your parents, you also find their family history, and it can be fascinating.

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If it hadn't been for, I would never have located my family. In 2 years of hard work, I have learned some powerful tricks you can use.

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Since 1993

This is more than just finding siblings

This is a huge story, so I want to break it up into sections, from which you can pick and choose. Of course, one will tell the story of how I solved the puzzle and introduce you to my cousins, newly found along the way, who were crucial to my success, as well as my siblings.
Another section will consist of stories which I find interesting about my immigrant ancestors, assembled like my own personal class in American History, specifically centered around the founding of New England and the later rush of European immigrants to New York in the 19th Century.
A final section will give you tips about how you can use various online materials to solve your own family puzzles, and many handy tricks (as well as some pitfalls) which I discovered along the way using